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Paws & Claws

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Paws & Claws: Animal Related
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We often learn more about being human from our non-human friends.

This page is a tribute to those cherished in our past Pet Loss
and to the new members who take care of us every day.
Helpful resource sites are provided below.

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Animal Health

  Welcome to PetCat - About cats, care, facts, food and nutrition
  Dog Owners Guide - Older dogs Electronic Zoo / NetVet - Cat Page
  Dog Owner's Guide Profile:The Siberian Husky Feline Information Page
  Toklat and Nuska's Siberian Husky Page Welcome to Cats
  Bay Area Siberian Husky Club BowTie Press
  Petstore: Animal Planet Store - Where pets are family
  Dog Fancy Petstore: Home Page
  AVMA Care for Pets Home Page Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine
  Welcome to NetVet Animal Health Information
  NetVet Web Searching Web Picks Veterinary Pathology
  Petstore: Care Center Candray Pet Center Veterinary Services
  The Amazing Fish Cam! Popular Pet Series

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