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Entertainment: Music, Scifi & Fantasy
Enlightenment: Spiritual, Theology, Psychology
Paws & Claws: Animal Related
Faire and Reenactments: Living History, Costuming & Arms

Sometimes we have facts, Sometimes we don't.
Sometimes what we think are the facts turn out to be wrong, or something else entirely. And sometimes we just need a break. This section contains things to give a change of pace, make us laugh, or just make us think.
The photo is me taking that leap of faith off a 150' bridge in the Sierra Gold Country.

For interesting information on how we communicate with each other visit Deborah Tannen's site
Gender Styles in Computer Meditated Communication. She has many outstanding books and audio tapes on influences of gender and communication styles in our daily lives.

Sherlock Holmes once said "after eliminating every possibility, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

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