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Faires & Reenactments

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Faire and Reenactments: Living History, Costuming & Arms

Is it History or Entertainment ?

Actually it can be both. "Living History" is the term most often used to separate the more serious attempts at reconstructing a particular period in the past, from the amusement parks and fantasy parties. It seems a natural extension of my interest in genealogy and family history. Spending a few days living in the garb and dealing with the restrictions (or more often, dropping the constraints) of the current world can be enlightening, to say the least.

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Friends and Resources

For the finest medieval and renaissance
armor, clothing, and lots of one-of-a-kind goodies... look for Brady's "Big Wood Booth."

proud parents ... look how tiny she was!

Age of Chivalry and Caitlin's Cutlery

the old booth -
we all knew every nut bolt & board intimately

the new booth trailer

Northern California Renaissance Faire
at Casa de Fruita, Holister, CA

For Northern California faire circuit and
beyond, general information.
The main site is under revision

The Caledonian Club Of San Francisco presents:
142nd Annual Pleasanton Scottish Highland Gathering & Games the largest in the U.S. and, in some years, the world’s largest!

The Monterey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival
is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2007

Renaissance Productions Hosts:

(The site requires Flash so you wont be viewing it on your iPad or iPhone.)

Valhalla Renaissance Faire is back at Camp Richardson and celebrating their 23rd year... a great job by Bill and Marti! "We’re proud to bring Valhalla Renaissance Faire back South Lake Tahoe Community..."

Renaissance Symposiums
to register for current events

Golden Gate Park Faire

Jousting Championships and Renaissance Fairs at Angels Camp, CA

Calaveras Celtic Faire

European Martial Arts School


Steaphen Fick, Instructor

school fact sheet

Oso Forge for wonderful, hand-made pattern-welded knives, swords and related items. Oso and his brother Rocky are amazing blade-smiths!

Jim and Tina's wasters and trebuchets
New Stirling Arms

Guild Links

The Guild of Santa Maria, and Bill Waters

Clan Iain Abrach specializing in 16th Century Highland Historical Re-enactment. They have great links on their site.

Guild of St. George at Valhalla.

Saint Andrews Royal Scots, Irish and Ambassadors Renaissance Guild!

Kevan & John with friends.

Sadly Kevan (in green) passed away on the Dec 2, 2015. A wonderful person and the love of John's life.
She will be greatly missed by all.

Brian at Nagle Forge & Foundry for wonderful jewelery and metal work.

Martial Arts Groups and Organizations

The Exiles

LionGate Arms & Armoury

Mediaeval Sword

By The Sword, Inc.

Museum Replicas Limited - Sword, Hunting Knives, Daggers, Helmets, Armour, Jewelry etc.

American Fencers Supplies

Gode Cookery medieval cooking

Cauldrons and Cast Iron development and use

Cooking equipment in the Medieval kitchen

Sages Woolandglasshand made soaps and bath items

Tents and Pavilions by Panther

Clothing and accessories

B Coole Designs Artisan made clothing for those with unique tastes, special needs, or an appreciation for really nice fabric. Most of the garments listed here are made in limited production in her workshop.

Ravenswood Leather



Alan and Judy at Sun Leather
beautiful and inspirational!

Some of he Best Leather Goods in Mendocino or anywhere. Creative custom items include the chicken shoes shown here and Hogwarts Sorting Hats.


Costume References

Medieval Schotland.ORG
Sharon Krosa, PhD
Coordinator, Innovative Research Collaborations,
Dissertation: "A Study of Expectations: Women in the Burgh of Aberdeen in the Later Middle Ages" 2006

Stefan's Florilegium Archive

Greater Bay Area Costume Guild

Reconstructing History: Articles

Tributes: Costume Colloquium I: a trubute to Janet Arnold's pioneering research into the cut and construction of clothes from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries provide invaluable information on clothing from the past. Her series of publications entitled Patterns of Fashion continues to make a profound impact in many fields, from the re-creation of historic dance and other forms of re-enactment to designs for stage, film and television. For art historians and conservators too, her insights have proved an indispensable aid to historical research.

Hans Holbein

Images of Ireland by John Derrick, London 1581
"The book is dedicated to Philip Sidney. It praises the deputyship of Philip's father Henry Sidney and English victories over the Irish. The work opens with a poetic history of Ireland and its conflicts with the English, presenting reasons for English rule. This proceeds to a set of twelve woodcut illustrations interspersed with verse narration, describing Henry Sidney's victories of Irish rebels and denigrating Irish culture. The book ends with the surrender of Turlough Luineach Ó Neill, king of Tyrone, in 1578." History of Highland Dress:
A Definitive Study of the History of Scottish
Costume and Tartan,

OnePoyle art history database

Mark Harden's Artchive: "Artchive"

Footwear of the Middle Ages

Historic Enterprises Costuming site
(some pages are reporting as infected)

The Leine

The Shinrone Gown

MelanieWilson period hose

Celtic Colour

The Plaid Place, an Emporium of Everything Scottish

Electric Scotland guide to Scottish and Irish clans, families, tartans and history of the Gaels

Scottish Misc

Trees for Life - Restoring the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland

Fantastic rooms in historic Scottish castles

Thetford Forest Archaeology, Norfolk and Suffolk Fieldwork

Ordnance Survey - Britain's national mapping agency

Welcome to the Scottish Tourist Board Web Site - Visit Scotland, Travel to Scotland, Scotland tourist information, Holidays in Scotland

Lucas De Heer (1534-1584) sketches

Bourgeois Ladies and Marketwoman shopping in the streets of London. His first trip was to paint a portrait of Queen Mary in 1554. He was in Britain 1567-1582.

The watercolor drawing of a Scot was thought to have been altered for modesty by the Victorians. Theses opinions were made from examining a black & white copy. Examining the original color sketch confirmed its accuracy ... the blue "bicycle shorts" are original from actual period clothing.

Costume suppliers

Lacis in Berkeley offers an extensive selection of threads, ribbons, tools and supplies for the textile arts, including lace-making, embroidery, knitting, tatting, crochet, costume, bridal, etc., to the wholesale and retail market. With a gallery offering antique lace and textiles dating from the 14th c. as well as fine vintage linens since 1965, operated by Jules & Perrin Kliot.

Denver Fabric

Britex Fabrics in San Francisco

Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley



Lynn McMasters' Home Page

Margo Anderson: Historic Costume Patterns

Jennifer Thompson's Festive Attyre
her Gallery has photos from hundreds of costumers

Kass McKann, Reconstructing History

Suzi Clark

Thrednedle Strete Clothiers closed in 2006

Elizabethan Costuming

Folkwear Pattern Line

Milieux: The Costume Site

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