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---- a leaf does not have to believe in photosynthesis to be green.

This section will be expanded over time, keep checking in. Thank you.

The questions have been the same since the beginning of time:
am I, Why am I here, What will tomorrow bring?
There are truths to be found in many places - not only the traditional ones.

How odd that we refer to things with origins in the very ancient past as "New Age."
There is Truth, half-truth, and there are lies in the virtual world
- in roughly the same proportion as in the real world.

Learning about the beliefs of others is the beginning of enlightenment.

Especially the new explainations of why humans are the way they are:
What Explains the Rise of Humans?

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And proceed with an open mind

Sierra Club

Joseph Campbell Foundation

A Skeptic's View of the Paranormal

Renaissance Humanism

Secular Humanism

Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

The problem of evil in world religions

The Platinum Rule - Your Behavioral Profile

Bully OnLine: Tim Field

Healthy Living: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Eckhart Tolle's New Earth

Oprah's Spirit and Self page.

The Happiness Formula

The Encyclopedia Mythica for information on many things!

Mayan Date Calculator

Morgana's Observatory -- Ancient Prophecy, Universal Myths

Chinese Astrology

Astrology - Welcome to Astrology.Net

Introduction to Parapsychology

Spiritualism - Emanuel Swedenborg.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) : New Church : New Jerusalem

First Church of Cyberspace

The WWW Bible Gateway

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Dead Sea -- Intro

Torah Fax in CyberSpace

Taoism Information Page

The Bhagvat Gita

White Buffalo Society

Earth Wisdom Home Page

Pagan Resources Page

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA)

Blackthorn Grove/ Driuds

Nymue's Wicca Page

The Sisterhood of Avalon


yOni ~ gateway to the feminine

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