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Looking for something in particular? This is the place to find it, including some old pages.
Plum Digital went on-line in 1997, representing Sandra Ragan, DBA Plum Grafik since 1984.
This is the 4th major update went live in 2015, last updated in 2018 and a great many things have changed during that time.
Features and Links include;


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Like the Hindu Fable , "The Blind Men and the Elephant," we are ALL the sum of many parts.
About This Site
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Divided into four categories:
Assistance Emergency Services, Earthquake preparedness, Medical, News & Weather, Technical links.
Interests Entertainment, Enlightenment, Paws & Claws, Faire & Reenactments.
Library History, Science, Museums, Books
Editorial Commentary, Announcement, Soapbox

Design Menu

Graphic Design History, Theory, Inspirations
Digital Imaging Production, Illustration, Retouching

Consumer Photo Retouching Examples
Photo Retouching Examples

Services: Why use a Designer? Training, Consulting, Pricing and Contracts

Portfolio for Sandra Ragan/Plum Grafik.

Design - Logo/Identity, Advertising, Display, Presentations, Visual Interfaces
Illustration - Line & Color, Information, & Cartography and Photographic
Fine Art - Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts
Resume - Client lists and employers

Solutions Menu

Instruction Tutorials, Schools, Conservation information and Plum Info Data sheets
Resources References, Institutions and Organizations
Computer hardware & software Support including Macintosh Specific help and sites

Client Materials, Proposals, Hosted Sites:

Monitor calibration tiff file

Warren Littell Design, Architectural Portfolio. Updated 2018.
Includes a Portfolio brochure.

Kessler Piano Service Beta proposal 2 in Dreamweaver. Alpha proposal 1was in Muse. The final site went live in time for New Years 2018.
Come take a look at the new Kessler Piano Service site.

& More includes

Web FAQS Frequently Asked Questions about email, attachments, compressed files, etc.

Plum Data Sheets: in depth information compiled and written by Sandra Ragan:

Design Terms for designers and service buyers
Digital Photography procedural overview and expectations for the new client
General Digital Information comparison between digital photo and traditional methods
History of Photos and Paper - a brief overview of the development of photography and paper
Pricing and Contract information
Printing Checklist for designers and service buyers from PINC
Resolution: three pages of explanations and examples
Scanning Information and samples on how to evaluate a scanner
Trade Customs, Printing and Graphic Industries

Preservation Articles by David Miskin: Photo Albums and Video Tape

Heritage Menu

General Genealogy References
Regional Genealogy References
US States Genealogy References
Family Tree Family history, Surnames

The images and data on this site are the property of sandra ragan/plum grafik, clients thereof, and others as noted. Please respect their hard work and creativity by following the "Golden Rule,"
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Webmaster: webmaster @ Thanks.

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