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Design and Printing Check List

Information sheets on design, illustration, digital imaging, photography and other related topics. Compiled and written for my clients, students, and my own work. Provided here for your convenience. If you take information form these sheets to use elsewhere, please provide the appropriate credits along with the information.

For more information on these and others, please contact

PINC Checklist for Printing Specifications

Welcome to PINC

Client name, job title, job description, date.

Item - For example, a 16-page self-cover brochure, catalog, etc. Note that one sheet equals two pages. Use pages when "specifying" a bound piece. All others use sheets and indicate if one-sided or two-sided.

Quantity - Include number of samples and percentage of overs you'll accept.

Size - Include both trim and folded sizes.

Stock - Brand name, color, finish, weight; is it text, cover, Bristol, bond, etc.?

Ink - Include Pantone numbers, varnishes or in-line coating (spot or overall) for front and back.

Design features - Describe art: All line art?
Tints (how many colors per tint), bleeds, reverses, solids, crossover, butt fits or traps, special-built tint colors. Note if keylines print.

Halftones - Number of halftones and/or duotones, line screen. If duotone, indicate which color will be dominant. Indicate if photos are to be resized and cropped, straight-edge crop, silhouette-outline halftones. Note if they [Image] butt to keylines and if keylines print. Separations - Specify number of seps and if using transparencies or reflective art. Show sizes of originals and final images. Indicate line screens and whether emulsion side up or down. Indicate if images butt to keylines or if they are outlines. Any crossover concerns?
Retouching or color correcting needed? Include type of color proof preferred,
grade of color preferred (e.g. product match, commercial color, etc.)
Also, if you are supplying the seps, check to see if your printer should be given two sets of crossovers.

Proofs - Loose color, final stripped color laminated proof or color keys, blueline, folded dummy. Indicate if stock samples are needed and if a press check is a requirement.

Bindery - Trim, fold (type of fold), die cut, score/perf (lithoperf/score or letterpress perf), collate, number, drill (number of holes and hole diameters), stitch, shrink-wrap.

Finishing specialties - Embossing, foil stamping, UV coating, laminating, etc.

Packaging - Carton weight, padding, pallet, and labeling

Due date and delivery instructions - Include address and phone number to call for verifying shipment.

Return-artwork instructions - Specify number of boards and/or disks and photos/ transparencies to be returned along with number of samples.

Film custodianship/ownership - Specify who owns the film, who stores it, and that no film be disposed of without your written consent.

Quoted price - Be sure to understand the terms.

* hardware and software

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