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Data Sheets

Design Terms, Digital Imaging Resources and Check Lists.

Information sheets on design, illustration, digital imaging, photography and other related topics. Compiled and written for my clients, students, and my own work. Provided here for your convenience. If you take information form these sheets to use elsewhere, please provide the appropriate credits along with the information.

For more information on these and others, please contact

General Digital Information comparison between digital photo work and the more traditional photographic/airbrush methods.

Design Terms for designers and service buyers

Pricing and contract information. Training info flyer.

Printing Checklist for designers and service buyers from PINC

Trade Customsof the Print and Graphic Industries.
Or contact PINC or The AIGA - The American Institute of Graphic Arts.

History of Photos and Paper - a brief overview of the development of photography and paper. Includes a checklist on proper handling methods.

Digital Photography procedural overview and expectations for the new client

Scanning Information and samples on how to evaluate a scanner.

Resolution: three pages of technical information and samples on the effects of resolution on scans and prints. This article covers color changes, line weights, and suggestions for antique photos. Start at the beginning or use the chart below.

* hardware and software - i.e. your monitor, videocard, operating system, etc. - will affect the appearance of the samples provided. An effort has been made to compensate , as much as possible, for these differences.

Kodak PhotoCD Information technical information and instructions for getting the most from your images. Also see KODAK Photo CD Acquire Module Download PageKODAK: Photo CD Technical Papers and Using KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE PHOTO CD Discs for Graphic Arts. Design Terms for designers and service buyers.

Additional information can be found at the Library of Congress Home Page, Library of Congress: Frequently Asked Questions on Preservation

Preservation Articles by David Miskin at Just Black & White:

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