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Family Tree

If this is your first visit, please read the Introduction below before going on.
Most of the family tree is on now. For those without access see the Family Web Cards.

Family History: basics and Individuals of Historical Interest
Family Names:
surname information associated with the main lines
Family Web Cards*: the detailed family tree
Naming conventions are outlined below, in Surnames and in the Index.

Introduction to the Family Tree

The metaphor for Reunion Family pages is a stack of *Cards. One card per family. Navigate with the person name links. Direct lines will have an asterisk (not provided yet) as a navigation guide. Multiple spouses or parents are indicated by the small numbers (the current family number will not be shown as a link - active links are underlined by most browsers.) Photos and notes are included in many cases. (Go on to the Family Card Table of Contents.)

Individuals born since the 1920 Census have been omitted unless they provide continuity for the various branches of the family. In these cases, the surnames, but no details are shown. Space does not permit a complete listing so only direct lines and individuals of interest have been included. For more information on the lines currently being researched see Family Names.

What a really classy family tree looks like

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