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Regional Resources

These are the links to US National and Historical information links as the Table of Contents will explain. World links and genealogy software are in the General Links section. Some links will be duplicated in several sections.

For information on preserving family records for the next generation to enjoy, see Retouch. Additional information and links in Library.

Caution: Most of these sites don't lend themselves to neat classifications so some ambiguity in classification will be apparent. Please notify me if you run across broken links or other site that should be added.

This section will be expanded over time, keep checking in. Thank you.

The Constitution of the United States

The more family I find, the more connections to the founding of this country emerge... from the first settlers in Virginia and Massachusetts, to the Civil War, through both World Wars and Vietnam. Lets not destroy what we worked so hard to build by becoming hateful, intolerant and isolationist.


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