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Genealogy has a way of tying all my other interests together. it's a scavenger hunt , a giant puzzle, and something that gets people talking to each other! It provides a way to meet and help others... and Its fun!

What makes you who you are?

    • A leaning toward a favorite flavor in food or type of music
    • Comfort or discomfort in a specific environment
    • Willingness to persevere in the face of hardship

How much of this did we get from our ancestors?

One way of understanding our world is learning about the people who came before us. We are the result of our collective history. The amount of information passed down through the generations by our genetic structure is still in research, but it is not to be denied. We already know that, on a cellular level, we are all descended from one woman, in Africa - the real Eve if you like.

For specific information on my family see the Family Tree Section.

And today the online resources are so much better then we've had in the past. Many older choices have disapeared or merged. Most of the ones who survived the shakeout are bigger and better. By far the biggest and best of these is

Below is a map I did (pre-Ancestry DNA) to show genetic movement. I started adding color to the various ethnic areas and very few areas could be assigned a single color. All the major ruling families are closely related, and the boundaries we are so familiar with have changed many times over the centuries.

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The fascinating thing about Western European history is that every area is and has been affected by every other area.

This section will be expanded over time, keep checking in. Thank you.



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