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Family History: basics and Individuals of Historical Interest
Family Names: surname information associated with the main lines

When we begin to look carefully at the things that make us an "individual" we begin to see that we are the sum of many little pieces of the those who came before us. As we are a part of those yet to come.

If it were not for various "famous" persons over the centuries, much of the documentation we rely upon would be none existent. Peasants only make history when they do something REALLY BIG, like becoming royalty.

Most the world's "royalty" were just the biggest "bullies" on the block at a given time. Members of the family have been churchmen, politicians, judges, sheriffs, knights, and kings. Others were tanners, carpenters, blacksmiths and farmers. A few were noted more for the things they did wrong. Family members can be found on both sides of just about every major conflict since to beginning of time.

Most share a few specific traits; perseverance, confidence in their abilities, and an unshakable belief in something bigger than themselves. Many were willing to lay their lives on the line for that belief. They were often forced to pick up and move into unknown territory and/or take up arms against countrymen, friends and even other family members for the sake of their beliefs.

As mentioned elsewhere, we are all related eventually, if you go far enough back. If you believe the conjectures, our family tree can be traced through at least one line back to Adam & Eve. The details are fuzzy way back then and it's hard to "prove" that some people ever existed outside of story telling. But they had the most important job of all;

pearl   they were our parents  

Hand tinted photo of The Hawks circa 1910

Frankie "Dollie" STEINBECK,
John Herbert HAWK
and daughter, Virginia.

© SRagan 1998


Above left: Shadybrook School* 1915 - Virginia with classmates, Emerson in the front row.

Above: Emerson Lindsay MORGAN on the sax, with his band (became Morgan's Musical Monarchs).

* Now Shadybrook Primary Center, Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia.

Foley Family in Kane, PA
The group shot above was taken about 1908 in front of the Henry James Foley family home. Some family members are in the Erie, PA area. Two lines are in California. The members of at least two lines are in Florida. We are looking for missing family members, so please contact me if you have additional information.

James Foley, the media correspondent beheaded by ISIL in Iraq is also most likely a cousin. May he rest in peace.

(I would guess that the ex-Florida Congressman is a relation, as well... he never responded to MY email prior to the expose! But no one in this part of the family endorses his destructive, selfish behavior.)

Family Tree information has been on Ancestry,com since 1995.
Current trees are under the following surnames:
Arnold/Ferguson, Foley/Ferguson, Hawk/Steinbeck/Capito, and Linsey/Morgan.

  • Early information under email GEDCOM H11586 8/2001).

Eben Curtis FERGUSON 1880-1952 Taken in Jamestown, NY

Paternal Great Grandfather:
the Ancestors of Eben Curtis FERGUSON:

The FERGUSON's settled in Erie, PA; Jamestown, NY, and Geneva, OH. They married into the JOHNSON, JENSEN and MADSENs from Manistee, MI circa 1880, and Denmark circa 1850. Known FOLEY's located in western Pennsylvania in the 1840's, and probably came from Cork, Ireland.

My great grandfather Eben FERGUSON's grandparents were Amos John FERGUSON and Amy ARNOLD FERGUSON. We have yet to verify the origin or ancestral line of Amos. We know he came to New York with his wife's family in 1812. Ferguson is a Scottish patronymic name, derived from the Scottish and Irish surname Fergus, from the Gaelic given name Fearghus. There are many spellings, often phonetic, and Amos is listed in some places with the last name of FORGUSON.

We believe that Amy ARNOLD is descended from Richard ARNOLD, son of Thomas and his third wife, Phebe PARKHURST ARNOLD. More on Eben below.

Amos and Amy Arnold FERGUSON, with son Stephen A, along with Amy's parents, John ARNOLD and Martha BUCKLIN ARNOLD, uncle David ARNOLD and their families arrived in Bemis Point, Ellery, Chautauqua County, NY in 1812. A letter written in 1859 to Judge FOOTE by Stephen A FERGUSON, includes the following excerpts:

The ARNOLDs are an old family, descended from Systyl ap Dyfnwall, through Vychan Arnholt ap Arnholt , Esquire circa 1420, and Sybil (daughter of Madocap ap Eion ap Thomas circa 1390), Roger Arnold of Llanthony married Lady Joan GAMAGE (daughter of Sir Thomas de Gamage, Lord of Coytey) around 1467. Their son Thomas and Lady Agnes WARNSTEAD founded the Arnold Lord's of Bagber, Dorset, England.

For more on the ARNOLD name see Family Surnames.

In 1570 Nicholas (AKA Thomas) ARNOLD married Alice GULLY. Their son William Arnold was the 5th of nine children. In about 1598, Alice died and Nicholas remarried to Grace. They had at least one child, Thomas.

Nicholas' grandson, Benedict Arnold I, was born Dec. 21, 1615 in Bighere Ilchester, Somerset, England. He is the ancestor of the man you think of now when you hear that name. Benedict and his father, William, arrived in New England, June 24 1635, and settled in Hingham, Massachusetts on April 20 1636. In Providence, 1644, he succeeded Roger WIlliams* as President of the Colony becoming Governor under the charter granted by King Charles II. Benedict moved his family from Providence to Newport November 19, 1651, where he died in office. Benedict ARNOLD and Damaris WESTCOTT ARNOLD are both buried in Newport. Their grandson, Benedict III married Patience COGGESHELL, granddaughter of Major John and Patience THROCKMORTON.

Benedict III's grandson, Benedict V is the person most people are familiar with. He was a celebrated hero before his questionable actions.

Later, another COGGESHELL, Major John's brother Joshua, was the grandfather of Caleb CLARKE's wife Dinah GREENE.

Nicholas ARNOLD's son Thomas married three times, the last was to Phebe PARKHURST. (mentioned in the family cards)

"The ARNOLD's of Saratoga County, New York," (a genealogical document that expands on the handwritten letter above) says that Submit ARNOLD, oldest daughter of David and Dorcus WATERS ARNOLD died August 11, 1812 - just before her 8th birthday. Martha BUCKLIN ARNOLD died in Nov of 1812. Dorcus died Jan 16, 1813, shortly after the birth of her last child, Alonzo W ARNOLD born Oct. 24, 1812. Martha's husband, John ARNOLD, born Jan 22, 1741 in Smithfield, RI, died April 4, 1804 in Stillwater County, Saratoga, NY. Martha's daughter Amy ANOLD married Amos FERGUSON and gave birth to Stephen A FERGUSON in 1806. The "A" probably stands for ARNOLD.


George FERGUSON 1848-1929

Cary (6) CLARKE


Eben Curtis FERGUSON's father was George Sinclair FERGUSON, son of Stephen A. His mother, was Flora Elida CLARKE, daughter of Cary (6) and Pheba Clarke CLARKE.

The CLARK\CLARKE family line is descended from John CLARKE (ca 1480-?) from Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. John CLARKE Jr. (2/11/1540-4/4/1598) married Katherine COOK (2/12/1540-3/27/1598), daughter of John CAREWE (COOKE) ca 1520, granddaughter of Humphrey CAREWE (COOKE) about 1485-1545.
John and Katherine's son Thomas CLARKE (1570-1627) married Rose KERRICH (1572-1627), oldest daughter of William and Marjorie KERRICH of Westhorpe, Suffolk, England.
The 1st Mate on the Mayflower was a CLARK, we have not yet verified his connection. There has been a great deal of confusion with so many CLARKs in the same area with similar names. An unrelated family in Suffolk (the Rolland CLARKE's) had sons with similar first names at about the same time.

pearl placeholder The youngest son of Thomas and Rose, 9th Great Grandfather, Joseph CLARKE was born 12/9/1618 Westhorpe, Suffolk, England - and died 1/1/1694 in Westerly, Washington, RI. He arrived in Boston, MA in November of 1637 with brothers Rev. John CLARKE IV (10/8/1609-4/20/1676) a physician, Thomas CLARKE, Carewe CLARKE II (2/3/1602-5/13/1658) and their families.

Joseph CLARKE first appears on the record when he was admitted as an inhabitant of the Island of Aquidneck (at Portsmouth) on 24 January 1638/9, and again on 21 February 1638/9. However, he soon left Portsmouth for Newport, newly founded by his brother, John CLARKE, and the Antinomian's, dissatisfied with the government of Portsmouth. He was admitted an inhabitant and made a freeman of Newport at a General Quarter Court held there on 17 December 1639." His brother John CLARKE became pastor and founder of the First Baptist Church at Newport, RI. which was also the first Baptist church in the United States.

pearl placeholder My 8th Great Grandfather William G. CLARK (7/22/1795 Vermont-12/23/1861), father of Cary (6), uncle to his wife Pheba CLARKE, and married to Louise CALL, may have been the William listed as a paymaster in the War of 1812 . His and father, Cary (4) CLARK (1/28/1766 Kingston, RI - 12/1867), and uncles; Thomas CLARK (1741-?) Rhode Island, General (?) George CLARK (1743-?) 4th VA Regiment 1780 in KY, William CLARK (1744-?) may be the one listed as Brigade Inspector, John CLARK (1746-?) several John's listed, and Gideon CLARK (8/28/1757-12/7/1814) were all active in the service of their country.

Cary (4) and wife Dorcas MOON's sons, William G. (mentioned above) and Benonia CLARK, were both drafted in War of 1812 and went to Plattsburg, Vermont to hold it against the English and Indians. "Their father [Cary, then age 46] rowed in a boat to the place to be near them if anything should happen to them. But they saw no fighting."

pearl placeholder Cary (4) CLARK's Great Grandmother, Annie DYER (about 1672- after 1731) was descended from both the DYER's and the HUTCHINSON's. Mary DYER, was hanged on Boston Common in June of 1660 for her campaign to bring an end to the outrageous penalties the Puritans were leaving upon those not adhering to their strict beliefs. She was among the first Americans, and one of the first women, to give her life for the pursuit of religious freedom.

For information of the background of the Clark Clan (part of the Macintosh Clan Chattan*) see the Clark family website and Iowa Counties/Clark family . There are many historical figures in this section of the family. Specific individuals of interest will be added soon. The Clark's and Ferguson's are very closely related, as is the Curtis family.

*Looks like I come by my cats and computers through the blood : )

Descendants of Joseph Clarke

Jeffrey D. Bonevich's On-Line Genealogy This site has a wealth of information on Joseph Clarke and other related individuals. (Thanks, Jeff!)

Clark Family Genealogy Forum


The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Clark, J.



ca 1600-1660

pearl placeholder 9th Great Grandparents William & Anne Marbury Hutchinson, had come to Boston about 1634 with 10 of their children. Passenger List: Griffin 1634 incomplete list of one of several ships taking settlers to the New England colonies. Known passengers include William & Anne Marbury Hutchinson and family. Other documents indicate that William & Mary Dyer were also on this ship.

Notable Women Ancestors - Anne Hutchinson

Ann HUTCHINSON, a midwife from an upper-class family, was teaching that "God could be communicated to directly and that salvation could be assured." This was considered to be heresy by the Puritan leaders, who taught that it was impossible to know whether one was "saved" or not.
In March of 1638, Ann and her followers, including Captain William and Mary "Maria Barret" DYER, were tried and excommunicated by Governor Winthrop for being "out of Conscience" with Puritan beliefs. Dr & Rev. John CLARKE, "was disarmed with others as associates of Ann HUTCHINSON in Boston on 20 November 1637." Along with his brother Thomas CLARKE (see above Clarke section) the group left the Massachusetts Bay Colony with the Coddington party for what would become Rhode Island and were signers of the Aquidneck agreement on 7 March 1638.

Dyer Families of New England by Frank Dyer: email: Dyerne @ Aol dot Com, Member New England Historic Genealogical Society

Ann's oldest son, Edward, married Katherine HAMBY. Their daughter Annie married the oldest son of her close friends William and Mary DYER*, the Quaker martyr. Annie, daughter of Samuel and Ann DYER married Joseph CLARKE's son Carewe (Cary) in 169 (more on the family cards)

Mary Dyer.

Mary Barret Dyer biography
Other things you didn't know about Mary Dyre and why she was hung in Boston Square.

Códice de Fernando I
y Doña Sancha.
Beato de Liébana. Facsimile 

Ann HUTCHINSON was descended from many royal families including William the Conqueror, Charlemagne and others:

Sir Walter LE BLOUNT (1350-1403 at the Battle of Shrewsbury) and his wife Doña Sancha De AYALA (1360-1418) Notable Women Ancestors - Sancha De Ayala, and The Literary Heritage of Sancha de Ayala

Eleanore of Aquitaine

Royal Genealogies


Frankie Louise "Dolly" Steinbeck



Maternal Great Grandmother:
the Ancestors of Frankie Louise "Dolly" STEINBECK

Henry D. STEINBECK. Son of Frederick STEINBECK, born in Berlin, Prussia and Sarah "Sally" ECKHART/ECKERT who may have been born in Maryland. Frederick was a Ohio River fur trapper, flatboat operator, Innkeeper, farmer, and did Virginia road maintenance. Sarah remarried (Morgan BYRNS) and continued to run the inn in Romney, VA. after Frederick's death in 1823. Henry was just 21. Fredreck's brother Daniel (Henry's uncle) died on a visit to Pennsylvania in February of 1925.

The story Dollie told was that Henry, a hired hand of Daniel CAPITO (see below), a "wealthy and respected leader of his community," owned a large Virginia tan-yard which manufactured shoes and other leather goods. Daniel's youngest daughter Julia and Henry fell in love... the family didn't approve of the marriage as "Henry was beneath her." She refused to give him up and was disowned... sent away with nothing but a few belongings and her personal maid. Sounds like Downton Abbey...

The known facts: a year after Henry lost his father, 15 year old Julia lost her father. Daniel David CAPITO drowned crossing a river in early spring of 1824 while on a horseback journey to Beverly in Randolph Co. to see son Daniel Jr. Daniel Jr ran a store in Beverly and his wife had just given birth to their first child. It took two years to sett;e Daniel's estate. His wife, Nancy HERDERBERG, died in 1825. Julia, now 17, married Henry, then 24 year old in 1825-26.

Daniels oldest daughter Elizabeth and husband Andrew Hamilton BYRD took the youngest, John CAPITO (~1800 - ) as a foster child. This was listed in a Bath Co., VA Will Book 3 page 350 "...a bond by Andrew H. Byrd and Robert McClintic to Joseph Mayse, Henry Richards, Anthony Mustoe and William R. Benson, gentlemen justices, for $1400, Sept. 8,1829 for Byrd's services as guardian of John Capito, infant child of Daniel Capito."

We have not yet found the records of Julia's marriage but they were also given 1\8th of Daniel's estate. They settled around Harrison, Lewis Co. north of Weston, probably JaneLew, and had their first child, Sarah Ann, in 1828. Henry built a home for Julia in Alum Bridge which is still standing.



pearl placeholder Henry's uncle Daniel STEINBECK, brother of Frederick, and great uncle of Frankie Louise (Dollie) STEINBECK was a partner in Steinbeck & Reinecke (Reineche), German traders who had establishments at Cape Girardeau & Little Prairie, also at New Madrid, MO in 1808. They had dissolved their partnership before Daniel died in Bedford, PA, February 1825.

Daniel STEINBECK was married to Agatha LORIMIER (1791-) in Cape Girardeau. Agatha was descended from Louis Antoine de BOUGAINVILLEA was the first French explorer to circumnavigate the globe. [source: World Book or encyclopedia. There is an Island in South Pacific named for him as is the plant.] Around 1750 he married a Shawnee princess, daughter of the famous Shawnee Chief PEMENPEIH (circa 1710). Bougainvillea's daughter Charlotte Pemenpeih BOUGAINVILLEA (1758-1808) married Major Louis LORIMIER (1748-1812). Their burial place can be seen at Historic Places: Old Lorimier Cemetery, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. and Historic Places: Whitelaw House, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Dorothea Louisa STEINBECK (1812 - 1852), daughter of Daniel and Agatha, married James P. FULKERSON. The following information is from Rocky STRICKLAND on the Family Tree Maker Web Rocky Strickland's Home Page: animated flag
James P. was the second of the nine children of Isaac and Rebecca FULKERSON. They lived in Kentucky for a time, then moved west with Daniel BOONE in 1814. They settled in Darst Bottom, St. Charles Co., Missouri. James grandfather was Captain Jacobus VOLKERTSON aka "Capt. James FULKERSON". He commanded a company in CAMPBELL'S Regiment during the American Revolution, and took part in the Battle of King's Mountain in which the British were defeated on October 7, 1780. Volkerson family tree with grave stones

Francis Eckert "Bud" STEINBECK,

Mollie BALLENTINE Steinbeck

Francis Eckert "Bud" STEINBECK, 1849-1905, Julia's youngest child, was Dolly's father. Married Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" BALLENTINE.

Mollie's parents were, William Henry BALLENTINE and Elizabeth Mary KIMBERLEY.

There were two BALLENTINEs who died at the Alamo; John J BALLENTINE and Robert W who was apparently a Scottish immigrant. James and John BALLANTYNE were friends and business partners of cousin and novelist Sir Walter Scott. Walter's cousin Jennet SCOTT married Thomas CHINN and their daughter Jennet married Enoch Keene WITHERS. Jennet and Enoch's grandson, Enoch Thornton WITHERS married Sarah Ann STEINBECK, oldest child of Henry STEINBECK and Julia CAPITO.

The Clan Scott

Ballentine Branches Newsletter

Ballentine Surnames Index Page

John Herbert HAWK,

David HAWK

Esther JOHN


Ancestors of Frankie Louise STEINBECK's husband,
John Herbert HAWK:

John Herbert, a carpenter like his father, left the Pennsylvania oil fields, and his family, for Texas about 1915. They divorced in 1919. Both remarried. Virginia and Frederick Robert were raised by their mother. Details, stories and family photos can be found in the lovely dark green bound book

"Some Descendants of David Hawk
of Canoe Township, Indiana County, PA
by Robert William Hawk.
2311 Black Oak Way
Ashland, OR 97520

The Hawks came to the US, possibly from England, shortly after the Revolutionary War and settled in Franklin and Buffalo townships, Armstrong County, PA, later moving to Rossiter, PA.

pearl placeholder Both of parents of John Herbert HAWK are linked to a common ancestor; Mathias BAUSSER, Sr. born 1670 in Switzerland, and wife Esther. They came to Penns' Woods (Pennsylvania) on the "Richard and Elizabeth" September 28, 1733, via Rotterdam with many family members. Mathias BAUSSER Jr. and wife Anna Elizabeth EDELMAN came to the US with both their parent's families and their three older children.

animated flagTheir first home being in York, PA, the Capitol of the newly formed United States of America. The family includes many individuals of note; the gas pump was invented and marketed by Sylvaneus BOWSER, and cousin Warren G. Harding became President of the United States.

The Bowser's and Hawk's were "Tunkard or Dunkard's," a part of the German Reform or "Brethren," aka German Baptist's. The nickname came from their habit dunking member's in a large "tunk" or tub for baptisms. The Amish and Mennonites were spin-offs of the German Protestant church.

animated flagJohn BAUSSER/BOWSER Sr. and his brothers, Noah and Jacob all fought in the American Revolutionary War. John served in the 3d Co, Paradise Township, York Co Militia., 5th Bn. York Co. A quote from the York County Website:

In 1775 there were 3,349 "associates" or volunteer militiamen within the County, and in 1778 there were 4,621 out of a total population of 25,000. In 1779 Colonel Thomas Hartley could observe that," the York districts has armed first in Pennsylvania and has furnished more men for the war and lost a greater number of men in it than any other district on the continent of the same number individuals."

A new link for the Bausser/Bowser family has been posted to centralize information gathering: Mathias and Elizabeth Bausser

John Herbert HAWK's father was John Martin HAWK, a carpenter and Baptist Deacon (for 17+yrs, lastly at First Baptist Church of Kittanning), He constructed The Graff Woolen Mills at Worthington, PA., the James MCCULLOUGH Hardware Store on Market Street, Kittanning and many other landmarks of Armstrong County. His mother, Ann Eliza BOWSER, was descended from Mathias BAUSSER Jr.'s son John, known as "Hopewell John" (1740-1813).

John Martin's parents were, David HAWK and Esther JOHN, who is also descended from Mathias BAUSSER Jr. through his daughter, Matilena Mary "Esther" (1758-1809) and husband Rev Martin JOHN, Sr.

The Rev Martin John, Sr. came to the US as a Brunwick (Hessian) mercenary in 1783 and defected shortly afterward. Defectors were commonly listed as deceased so the Hessian army would not be held accountable.

David HAWK was an avid marksman up until his death, of a stroke at the Christmas Turkey Shoot. Esther was gored in the heart by a cow she was locking in the barn for the night.

related links: John Jacob Houk

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