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Design Portfolio:
Visual Interfaces, Websites & Presentations

Portfolio Sections:
Design - Logo/Identity, Advertising, Display, Presentations, Visual Interfaces
Illustration - Line & Color, Information, Photographic, Cartography
Fine Art - Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts
Resume - Client lists and employers

Identity/Branding, Book Covers
Product Display, Advertising & Marketing
Visual Interfaces & Presentations

Visual Interface Design & Navigation

Mountain Travel - Sobek's: Adventure Disc CD-ROM

Kodak's Portfolio PhotoCD with its ability to display photographic slide images dynamically on any TV screen was great for 'remote' presentations. Custom Process (now closed) was one of the first service bureaus in the country at the forefront of the 'digital presentation revolution' and had a close relationship with Kodak. This presentation was featured at the MacWorld Kodak booth as a ground breaking use of the technology. As senor designer and main production person, I did most of the navigation layout, menu screens, photo production, mastering and collateral.

The Sixth Street Photography Workshop

The Sixth Street project is an ongoing community outreach program bringing creative outlets and opportunities to the disadvantaged. We built a kiosk as the key to their annual group show at the newly opened San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Inside was this Kodak Portfolio CD presentation. Audio tracts from the photographers were combined with stories and photos by the members to give viewers a more intimate connection to the work.
As primary designer, I was responsible for the look and production of the visual elements, including the cover. This included testing, cutting the final discs and overseeing its use at the opening. The menu image was created from a photograph in the show spotlighting the center of the Sixth Street district.

Web Site Design and Production

Web design combines page layout, illustration, image manipulation, animation, programming, and dynamic navigation - with minimal control of the final appearance. A challenge to say the least! And this entire site is one of them.

Kessler Piano Service logo with updated website.

Intermedairy design

Original splash screen

The design and production of a portfolio, an architectural services website and an iBook Author portfolio for Warren Littell. The site is temporarily located here, Warren Littell Design.


Applied Information and User Interface Design

Some of many projects done during my 5 years at Aaron Marcus and Assoc.

Part of a proposed interface for Lawrence Berkeley Labs Human Genome Project.

(Illustration in Freehand on a Mac II and animated in Director to emulate a UNIX/Motif system). The large arrow points to a slider that allows the researcher to track up and down the DNA strand. Information about the section is displayed on the right and is controlled as an outline. The images were presented as a slide show. Aaron Marcus and Assoc.

The graph below is part of an comprehensive 12 volume set describing all the input and output devices of the day and a reference manual comparing all the windowing systems.

After being part of the research team, my job was to produce all the charts and illustrations, lay out the master print documents in MS Word and then translate the entire project into the first version of Word for Windows. Not an easy process. It required reassigning document fonts, changing all the line breaks and relinking every placed image file.

Prototyping information visualization tools for Fortune 50 clients was one an AM+A specialty. This set of windows and ideologues was done for American Express and incorporated an experimental PowerGlove-type 3D controller to manipulate the card member data. Aaron Marcus and Assoc.

Client Presentations

Oakland Facade Project. Images created in Photoshop from site photos and drawings. Location maps in Freehand, combined with images in InDesign. Twenty-eight 24 x 36" mounted boards covering 12 blocks of International Blvd., 8 blocks of MacArthur Blvd. and several other locations. Details in Illustration Portfolio. Ace Architects.

California Coastal Commission Hearing for a large Central Coast residential expansion (successful outcome). Combined site photos, renderings and CAD drawings, to produce an interactive PowerPoint presentation with animations and collateral materials. . Carver + Schicketantz Architects.

Family Event DVDs

Full motion video is impressive. But a combination of still photos and audio can be equally impressive.
Used as part of a larger social function they can focus content, provide 'live' backgrounds, and serve as keepsakes:

Examples: QuickTime movie from a surprise DVD presentation
for Bill's 80th birthday party at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite.

    • Please note, Colors were adjusted for standard NTSC TV display, They will be somewhat darker and less saturated on computer monitors. There may be no status indicator while this 30MB file is loading.

This production was designed around a family member's recollections of growing up in Yosemite (recorded by his step-daughter) and his mother's music. I digitized the music from cassette tapes, acquired the raw digitized family photos and voice-over, and added a few historical images from the Park Service. Composites and retouching were done in Photoshop and combined in iMovie. The basic version was projected with the Ahwahnee Hotel's equipment from my laptop before diner. The "Extended DVD Version" includes pictures of the party, before and after shots of the park, and a section on the Family assembled in iDVD. The final product includes credits, scrolling guest list, custom labels, and jewel case insert.

A similar piece was created for my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary.

A chronicle of family occasions; weddings, reunions, birthdays, related events and remembrances, over a 100 year period. It begins with their grand parents in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and follows the family to the youngest great grandchild in Southern California, today. Their favorite song, As Time Goes By, also tracks through the years. (Medley of 6 commercial pieces from Apple's iTunes store, copyrights belong to the artists). The final product includes credits, scrolling guest list, custom labels, and jewel case insert.

Digital and Traditional Slide Presentations:
The Lam Industries 1990s share of the world market and Seaworthy Systems shipping details: slide presentations were designed to convey complicated technical information to an international audience.

BioRAD Corporate Office: company history from Corporate Annual Report slide presentation.

Alameda County Emergency Management: emergency response time-line slide presentation.

The images and data on this site are the property of sandra ragan/plum grafik, clients thereof, and others as noted. Please respect their hard work and creativity by following the "Golden Rule,"
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Webmaster: webmaster @ Thanks.

Portfolio Sections:

Design - Logo/Identity, Advertising, Display, Presentations, Visual Interfaces
Illustration - Line & Color, Information, Photographic, Cartography
Fine Art - Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts

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