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... Our Pride in having brought into being a thing of Beauty

... The Awe when something Wild considers you one of its Own.

... The One who cares enough to explain, to guide, to provide a safe place for the Innocent to experience the REAL world - not a gilded cage, not behind a wall of glass. But allowed to breath the air, feel the earth, splash in the sea, to tumble in the grass, bruise a knee, stub a toe. The One who cares enough to remove a splinter without turning it into a life threatening ordeal.

... That our Parents were once Wide Eyed Children, dreaming of the World yet to come.

Remember the people who changed our lives,
who made us who we are today.
The people who brought us into the world,
and sacrificed to make it better for us than it had been for them.

Family who are here...

my mom (on the right) and her sister, Shirley

Those who put their lives on the line for our freedom -

Col. Thomas Nelson Moe

A brief story of Cousin Tom's "post graduate work"
as a guest at the "Hanoi Hilton"
Notre Dame Magazine, Winter 1995-96,
"Pure Torture"

More recently, Tom let Donald Trump have it on national TV via Ohio Govenor John Kasich

Honored by the Vice Presidential pick at the 2007 GOP Convention,
photo above with George Stephanopoulos in Iowa.

The local Lancaster, OH Sheriffs Office video honoring him for Veterans Day 2015

and those who have gone on.

Raymond Foley

2007 was my parents 60th anniversary... in 2009 Dad lost his fight with cancer
also see his place of honor in the WWII Memorial Registry

© Sandra Ragan 1996

Michael Stephen Foley

Mike with sister Amy - Christmas 1993

We lost Mikey in a horrendous auto accident in 2000, which injured his young wife.

My stepdaughter, Gina Marie. Shot and killed along with husband, Gerald in 1992

Tim Keyes

We shared middle school, high school and the Prom,
the great restaurants of Beverly Hills,
the clubs of the Sunset Strip,
the wonders of the Getty and other LA museums,
long passionate talks about Egypt and progressive rock.

His love for culture, music, history and art were intense.

We also shared the horrors of his long dignified, but futile, fight against the AIDs virus...

selected lines from our favorite Tim Buckley album:

the candle died
now you are gone
for the flame was to bright
now you are gone...

and sometimes I wonder
just for awhile
will you remember me...

... through his eye he comes as love and tells her not to cry.

20x24 Oil done from a sketch while he was still doing what he loved most in his bar.

Greg Roldan

The best friend a person could ever have. Thirty six years was not long enough.


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