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History, Science, Museums, Books, People, Places and Things:

The web is the ultimate library, a fascinating doorway to past, present and future.

Maps and artifacts from the past have always fascinated me. Maps to find and relate information. Artifacts to bring the past into the present. And nothing helps put them all together like a personal family connection. As a chronicle is a record or list of events, this section is devoted to people and the environment. The image above is one of my first totally created from new digital tools... Procreate on an iPad Pro with and Apple Pencil.
For family related history information see the Genealogy section.

This section will be expanded over time, keep checking in. Thank you.

The Reference Shelf

  Welcome To HotWired!  DisInformation
  Communication Arts: Web Resources What is Guerrilla Marketing?
  SuperPages (BigBook) Business@Home
  The Internet Mall (tm) My Virtual Reference Desk - Quick Reference / Research
  The Encyclopedia Mythica  OneLook Dictionaries (Dictionary), The Faster Finder


Natural History links , Archaeological sites, Exhibits, and resources around the world. Social, Cultural, Local and International Travel links. Some of these links are subject to frequent change, especially Nova and the Discovery channel listings.


  Today-in-History @ SCOPE SYSTEMS Heritage Antique Map Museum
  HELLENIC CULTURE (MAIN PAGE) Dead Sea Scrolls-- Intro
  World History : HyperHistory  

Europe, Hispanic & Middle East

  The Etruscans The Viking Network Web
  ALVE- Heráldica Española.  

United States Cultural History

  The White House Library of Congress
  The Smithsonian  
  John Steinbeck : A Biography  For early US history try this interesting book by Daniel J. Boorstin. "The Americans: The Colonial Experience" (part of a series call "the Creators.") Its 372 pages plus extensive biographical notes, are a relatively fast read and well worth the time spent.The Americans, the Colonial Experience (A Caravelle Edition)
  Germans to America : Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports : Settlers by The Long Gray Trail. A reference book on the History of early Virginia settler's
Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, will book index, 1805-1900
  Kenneth Slacker's book " Early German Hawk Families of Westmoreland Co."   


Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Maps and Cartography links. This list will grow as time permits and more spots of interest come to light.

  German map server fbl.html Welcome to MapArt by Cartesia
  MapQuest! Interactive Atlas Welcome! Heritage Antique Map Museum
  Natl Geodetic Survey (NGS) for the kids @ After School Care Programs in Colorado.
  Access USGS NASA
  Terraquest World Travel Atlas


Art, Natural History, Documents, Aero Space

  Exploritorium J. Paul Getty Museum
  Gallery and Museum Listings Welcome to UC Museum of Paleontology
  UC Berk Main home page The Kimbell Art Museum, Forth Worth
  Library of Congress Home Page Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth, Texas
  The History Of Computers During My Lifetime Monterey Museum of Art
  The Museum of Counter Art: Digits and Numbers for Web Counters The Smithsonian

Books, Magazines, Periodicals

  UC Berk Library home page

Art, Architecture & Photography

  SHOWCASE - (Artists Showcase) World Wide Arts Resources
  Collection Finder: Photographs, Prints & Drawings Belfast Artservices
  African American ARTISTS Cultural and Heritage Frank Lloyd Wright
  Swiss surrealist H.R.Giger Wayfarer's Chapel Architecture
    Arthur Stern Architectural Glass Stained Glass Window Frank Lloyd Wright Glass Sculpture Deco


Gender Styles in Computer Meditated Communication
Gender and Conversational Interaction (Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics)

by Deborah Tannen
For interesting information on how we communicate visit Deborah Tannen's site or read her several outstanding books on influences of gender and communication styles on our daily lives. Deborah's the best selling author of "You Just Don't Understand," and her recent, "Talking From 9 to 5." on the impact of conversational styles in the workplace. They make great gifts for the people in your life you care about (or have to work with) who just don't seem to "speak your language." Her main point is that no one is "wrong or right," and that if we know something about how other people think, we can communicate better. Her books and tapes can also be found at

Boxed Set : Give the Gift of Understanding/You Just Don't Understand
That's Not What I Meant : How... Talking from 9 to 5 : Women and Men in... Gender and Discourse


The Gift of Fear : And Other Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence

Don't let the title fool you. This book is about accepting this gift we have all been given and putting fear to work as it was intended - for our survival. Gavin de Becker's number 1 best seller; "The Gift of Fear" has specific insights into the reasons for violent behavior and ways of protecting ones self and loved ones .
After spending years consulting for governments and celebrities he decided that the best way to really make a difference was to bring the information to the people. Now Gavin de Becker is working with the families of Columbine, to bring some sanity to the violence that is erupting among our children. The appendices in the back provide checklists for judging the "Incident Potential" for everyday situations and resources for dealing with them. The paperback has an additional chapter bringing it up to date as of May 98. An audio version is also available.


Those who can, do.
Those who can't, bully.

Tim Field's Bully OnLine is the world's leading web site on workplace bullying and related issues
which validates
Author, Tim Field
receiving his honorary doctorates from Mellen University (left, London, March 1999)
and Southampton Institute (right, Southampton, November 2000)
The Field Foundation


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