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Commentary, Announcements. Notices: Additions, changes and new services are outlined below.

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I'm really excited to finally get back to the site and start adding sections that have been on the "drawing board" for some time now. Its a labor of love and sometimes that leads us in unexpected directions. Opened in 1997, the site underwent its 4th major update in late 2015.
Please update your links and explore the new content. Contact the webmaster if you are having difficulty.

My personal philosophy:

None of us live in this world alone.
Every living creature
has a unique perspective and a contribution to make.
Everything we do, or don't do, affects the world around us.
Working in concert, we have the ability to reach heights not assessable to one alone.
Being our best, simultaneously an individual and a part of the whole, is the biggest challenge we face.

The photo collage is from a bungee jump... off a bridge, 150 feet over a rushing river high in the California Gold Country.

Every day is a leap of faith
into the unknown...

The Portfolio, Hardware & Software are in Design. Services are now in Solutions. Check the Doorway or Site Map for other links.

The images and data on this site are the property of sandra ragan/plum grafik, clients thereof, and others as noted. Please respect their hard work and creativity by following the "Golden Rule,"
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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