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Emergencies, Medical, News & Weather, Non-Design Resources

Resources for dealing with disasters (of the non-computer kind) from the small scale
to the national level
. Some links are shown in multiple categories for your convenience.

--- Originally opened in 1997, the site underwent its 4th major update in late 2015. Links have been updated.
Most of this is available in real time on our phones.. if you know what to ask for.
Contact the webmaster if you are having difficulty. ---

  Earthquake Resources

Latest Earthquake Information
Recent Earthquakes in California - Maps

  General Resources

General Resource Links
For current date & time, Local News networks, Public Utilities, Transportation, etc.
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American Red Cross Official Home Page
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

Web Basics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) designed to help those who are new to the web or infrequent users who need a little prompting.

  Medical Resources

Medical Resource Links
Online medical databases, bulling, psychological references, the AIDS quilt, and more.

U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
The Wellness Place
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Prescription Drugs Reference Page (PDR)
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
New England Journal of Medicine Online
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences

  News & Weather Resources

National Weather Service Welcome Page
Road conditions & Sierra Weather

AIDS Memorial Quilt

The Mission of the NAMES Project Foundation:To preserve, care for, and use the AIDS Memorial Quilt to foster healing, heighten awareness, and inspire action in the struggle against HIV and AIDS. The NAMES Project Foundation
AIDS Memorial Quilt
101 Krog Street, Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: (404)688-5500 - Fax: (404)688-5552 - General email:

Those who can, do.
Those who can't, bully.

Tim Field's Bully OnLine is the world's leading web site on workplace bullying and related issues
which validates
the experience of bullying and provides confirmation, reassurance and re-empowerment.
The differences: Briefly, harassment tends to have a strong physical component and is usually linked to gender, race, disability or physical violence; bullying tends to be a large number of incidents over a long period comprising constant unjustified and unsubstantiated criticism.... Each incident tends to be trivial, and on its own and out of context does not constitute an offense or grounds for disciplinary or grievance action. So, ...

What is bullying?

Recovery and Re-empowerment after Bullying and Abusive Life Events
(eg harassment, stalking, bullying from school days, burnout, bankruptcy, breakdown, trauma, redundancy, domestic violence, divorce, conflict, abuse or any significant emotional shock)

Why me?

There are many reasons how and why bullies target others, but the reasons are surprisingly consistent between cases. There are many myths and stereotypes such as "victims are weak" which I deconstruction on my myths page.

1) How do bullies select their targets?

Rebuffing the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes which sustain bullying

One of the reasons that progress on dealing with bullying is held back is because of the myriad of myths and mis-perceptions surrounding the subject. A number of studies published in the media over the last few years have propagated false stereotypes. Such studies are based exclusively on notoriously unreliable self-reporting tick-sheet surveys with poorly-defined questions. Despite claims of being evidence-based, the originators of the studies often have no experience of case work or  involvement with cases.

What some people call "bullying" is really tough dynamic management
The purpose of bullying is to hide inadequacy. Good managers manage, bad managers bully. Bullies bully to hide their weakness and inadequacy, and to divert attention away from their incompetence. Many employers don't want to calculate the cost of low morale, poor productivity, poor customer service, high sickness absence, high staff turnover and frequent grievance and legal action that are a consequence of "tough dynamic management".....

Harassment and discrimination
including sexual harassment, sex discrimination, racial harassment, racial discrimination

What is harassment?

Harassment is any form of unwanted and unwelcome behavior which may range from mildly unpleasant remarks to physical violence.

Harassment is termed sexual harassment if the unwanted behaviors are linked to your gender or sexual orientation. The EU definition of sexual harassment is "unwanted conduct of a sexual nature or other conduct based on sex affecting the dignity of men and women at work".

Racial harassment is when the behaviors are linked to your skin colour, race, cultural background, etc. In countries with sectarian tradition (eg as in Ireland) the term sectarian harassment is often used if the behaviors are linked to your religious beliefs or perceived religious origin or inclination. If the harassment is physical, the criminal law of assault may be appropriate. If the harassment comprises regular following, watching, repeated unsolicited contact or gifts, etc, the term stalking may be appropriate.

Discrimination is when you are treated differently (eg less favorably) because of your gender, race or disability.

Author, Tim Field
receiving his honorary doctorates from Mellen University (left, London, March 1999)
and Southampton Institute (right, Southampton, November 2000)
The Field Foundation

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