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Plum Digital represents Sandra Ragan, DBA Plum Grafik Visual Communications.
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Information = Freedom
Like the Hindu Fable, "The Blind Men and the Elephant,"
because we are ALL the sum of many parts.

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Other Hosted Sites:
Warren Littell Design, Architectural Portfolio. Update in the works.
Kessler Piano proposal (Dreamweaver).

The images and data on this site are the property of sandra ragan/plum grafik, clients thereof, and others as noted. Please respect their hard work and creativity by following the "Golden Rule,"
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

For information on the creation of this site see About This Site.
The cameo belonged to my grandmother. The plum blossom is a watercolor drawing.
The type and butterfly is a photo construction from an 80's sweater pin and a single metal type block belonging to a friend. Two of the characters are total digital creations.
For us "geeks," the embossed pattern is an Apple Mac II motherboard.

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